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Multiple Schedules for Mobile-911 Connections

With Wonderware you have the ability to set alarm priorities from 1-1000. Some alarm points are more informational than critical and not needed to be alarmed except during working hours. Would like multiple schedules for the Mobile-911 Connections.

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  • Aug 21 2019
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    Steven Rivas commented
    16 Sep, 2019 08:15pm

    Hello John,

    I'm really sorry for the delayed response, I didn't see your reply until today. Yes, you would need to upgrade to the Advanced license.

    I will pass your information to our sales team and they will provide pricing information.


  • Guest commented
    21 Aug, 2019 05:37pm


    I am currently running an interactive license. So I am thinking you are saying that I would have to upgrade to the Advanced License to get that feature. Correct?
    What would be that cost?


  • Admin
    Steven Rivas commented
    21 Aug, 2019 05:22pm

    When using WIN-911 Advanced with Advanced Tactics, you can use Decision Blocks to determine who and when an operator is notified, based on the Priority of the alarm. For example, if alarms have a priority less than 500, notify during the business hours while alarms with a priority greater than 500 are always sent out.

    Does that sound like the behavior you're looking for? If you'd like more information, I can have our sales team reach out to you for a demonstration.


    Steven Rivas