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Running/Stand-by feedback to SCADA systems

Hi, I'm with CB Pacific, a distributor of yours in Kirkland Wa. We've come across a feature request from a customer that I'd like to share with Win-911. 

It would be great to get feed back from the running Win911 app about whether it's in Running or Stanby mode and have that displayed back to a SCADA system. 

The customer has built through iFIX VBA the ability to flip modes in Win911, but there is no confirmation or status that can be relayed back to Operators. I believe there was this ability in earlier versions of Win911 via pokes. It would be great if something like OPC/OPCUA could be used to set the status back in the SCADA system.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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    Steven Rivas commented
    18 Feb 07:23pm

    Hello Trevor,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We have a cmd line executable called, isActive.exe, which will report back the current state of the WIN-911 system. You can use this executable with scripting to indicate the state of WIN-911 in your iFIX HMI. You can use this executable anywhere on the network, as long as it has access to the WIN-911 system.

    If you can capture the output of the executable, you can store it as a Block in iFIX and then display it. I recently set this up for an InTouch system but I had to redirect the output to a text file and then read the contents of the file.

    Does this sound like it'll work for you?

    What would an ideal solution look like for you?

    -Steven Rivas

    Product Manager