WIN-911 Feature Requests

Combine contact connections to one Phone Book entry like in v7.

Like in v7, you would have one contact entry for all the connection types. You would setup each user to have there own desired connection types and delays and so forth. Then when using the Contacts utility, it would be simpler for the users to make changes. The Contacts utility is currently too complicated, it should be just a list of contacts like the v7, but currently its a list of connection types and contacts and delays, so for the operators using the contacts utility system, it is too easy to make mistakes while changing who and how they should be contacted.

  • Randy Pearson
  • Dec 31 2019
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  • Randy Pearson commented
    9 Jan 05:07pm

    This is good news, this is kind of a hang up for me at the moment. So ya it would be nice to be able to tie a role to the one phone book entry, would it also be possible to just put a role into a basic tactic contact list. Then be able to change who has that role via the contacts list. 

    Also I know you guys are moving away from browser based configuration, but I really like that feature as I hoped to just embed a browser window into my hmi connecting to the contacts page, I hope you can continue with a browser based utility, or maybe the ability to make some contacts/role changes via opc

  • Admin
    Steven Rivas commented
    9 Jan 04:11pm


    We're currently working on a new UI for WIN-911 and are bringing back the concept of the Phone Book. In a few weeks, I'll have some details to share with you. We'd love to get your feedback at that time.