WIN-911 Feature Requests

Remote Standby/Active capability

Be able to remotely activate or deactivate win911 alarm notifications. If someone forgets to switch win911 to active at the end of the night maybe they can text or call to activate it without being at the machine.

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  • Oct 15 2019
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    Guest commented
    09 Jan 16:30

    Actually ya I'd like to remove my vote from this, users should never be able to deactivate activate the system. It should always be active. If they want to not get notifications, they should do it with the contacts utility. One thing I will say though, you should be able to have no contacts in your tactic if desired.

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    Guest commented
    09 Jan 16:28

    I would agree. In the same way that the contacts are added to the connections list with permissions to acknowledge alarms. Only those with authority to do so would be able to. 

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    Steven Rivas commented
    09 Jan 16:22


    I'm concerned about opening the ability to disable a WIN-911 system remotely. I believe we'd need to set explicit permission on each contact to allow for this.

    What do you think?