WIN-911 Feature Requests

View/Edit Workflows

Is the only way to view or edit workflows to put them into a Notification Policy?

The system I am working on has 12 operators. Each operator may have different ways to reach them: mobile/texting/cell phone/landline. My intent is to create a sub-workflow for each of these operators and supervisors.

My 'master' workflow will first notify one of them, then reach out to a supervisor (of which there are 3), then even higher-up the chain.

I believe the only way to create/edit those sub-workflows is to put them in a Notification Policy. This is cumbersome to have to edit a Policy, change to the sub-workflow that I want to view/edit...just to see its contents.

It would be nice to have direct menu-access to the workflows to be able to create/view/edit them

Thank you

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  • Nov 10 2021
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