WIN-911 Feature Requests

Renotify only users that received notification that an alarm is active + unack when the alarm has transitioned to active +ackd.

In previous version of WIN-911 we had the option to configure alarm notifications to notify only users that received an indication that an alarm has transitioned from active/unacknowledged to active/acknowledged.

In the latest version of WIN-911 we can only configure that the entire call out list receives notification of this transition, even the alarm was acknowledged before it reached the user on the call out list.

We're finding that operators are interested in being made aware that operators configured at the end of call out lists are only interested in knowing that an alarm is active and unacknowledged and then that the alarm has been acknowledged, not that the alarm has been acknowledged prior to reaching them on the callout list.

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  • Aug 24 2021
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