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Ability to bypass alarms in versions beyond V7

In V7 we had the ability to bypass alarms separate from the SCADA system so that the end user could easily bypass nuisance alarms, or alarms that cannot be fixed right away. In the newer versions (for iFix anyway) shelving is now the preferred way with no other way to bypass. The issue is shelving isn't available below iFix 6.0, so the only way you can "bypass" is to go into WIN-911 workspace and change the notification policy to "Do Not Contact".

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  • Jun 24 2021
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    5 Oct 05:01pm

    This is the biggest pain point for my company upgrading to the new system. The operators want to be able to disable an alarm that calls out at 3 am without the need to call a technician to do it for them. Operators shouldnt have to know how to use the entire workspace in order to disable a specific alarm

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    28 Jul 12:16pm

    In my opinion, you should be able to change the policy right in operator workspace, it cannot be that difficult to link those two. you can already see what the policy is. so its linked to that in the code. the ability to modify it cannot be that complicated. even if you had a toggle switch next to the alarm. Making operators dig too much into the software has the potential to cause so many problems